Wednesday, January 19, 2011


1malaysia_logo.jpgWhen the Selangor exco issued a ban on the 1Malaysia logo, it just strikes me as a pot calling the kettle black. 

He said the 1Malaysia advertisements were a political message of the Barisan Nasional.

"It is clear that Barisan is pushing hard for the 1Malaysia concept and to send out its message to the people," he said, adding that it was nothing but a political agenda and not allowed in the state.

He is accusing Najib of using his office as the Prime Minister of Malaysia to promote an idea that is tied/linked to Barisan Nasional. The idea is that because BN likes the idea, therefore it must be a BN idea, and therefore Selangor will ban it, in the disguised spirit of "no politics in advertisements".

Two questions with this:

1. Isn't PR also using their political position in Selangor to make a similar political statement? By labeling 1Malaysia a "BN idea", that's a political statement, a passing of judgement that the 1Malaysia plan is NOT in the interests of Malaysia, but in the interests of BN. Whether or not 1Malaysia is a BN idea is besides the point -- making a statement that it is, and passing judgement banning advertising with the logo is a political statement made by the PR excos' political office. Even if we accept they are correct, then their position is hypocritical.

2. Let's discuss the validity of the claim -- is 1Malaysia a BN idea. You can't divorce the man from the job and his representation. Najib is the PM of Malaysia, he also happens to be the President of UMNO, and the leader of Barisan Nasional. These are different hats that he has to wear. That's what democracy does -- it forces people to wear different hats and hopes that they are able to avoid conflicts of interest. In the case of 1Malaysia, what do you expect Najib to do? Say that this is Government initiative (which it is), nothing whatsoever to do with BN? Obviously, that's just not going to happen. People need to judge their representatives based on what they do, and this includes the ideas that they execute. Even if 1Malaysia was a BN construct, the question i'm asking is, "So what?" -- if it's good for the country, does that make it any less valuable just because it's being "pushed" by the ruling party? Don't forget that the "pushers" are all representing the people too, they too have to wear different hats as members of the Government and members of their political party.

1Malaysia is good thing for the country, of all people PR should recognize this. A good idea is a good idea, regardless of who thought of it. The Selangor PR-led state government is doing a disservice to everyone by politicizing it, and banning its promotion.

Salam 1Malaysia to you too, MUHAMMAD LUQMAN BIN ABDUL RAHMAN 

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